Charles Rogers 60th Birthday Bash

Well over 200 people came out to celebrate and show love to Charles Rogers, 6-29-19.

They came from far and near, Northern California, ATL and locals. Fame Celebrity Photographer Arnold Turner put his camera away to enjoy the event, which is rare for him to do😀, also In attendance was famous to the Stars for Fashion Consulting and PR Eula Smith, a good friend of Charles as well. Many from the Entertainment Industry were there.

There was free food and drinks and birthday cake towards the end. Some chose to sit out side by the fireplace, there were some who danced inside, and those who wanted to be incognito were upstairs observing the flow of things.

The music was superb and set the atmosphere for a night of fun. The crowd didn’t forget how to do the wobble😀.

One person mentioned that he enjoyed the energy and karma from everyone, another said, he enjoyed it, because it was like a reunion.

The event was held at LA BOHEME Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Click link to view photos

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