We’re The Campbell’s Screening @ Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood, California.

TV-One”s latest show, We’re The Campbell’s set to air 6-12-18 on TV-One. Warryn and Erica Campbell shares how they juggle between careers, family, church and now a new documentary.

The show is entertaining, funny and a show that a family can watch together. Snoop Dogg is one of the guest in the show. Warryn and Snoop go back to Death Row Records, where they first met. Tina Campbell is on the show as well.

Shanice Wilson and daughter, Joi Starr, Dorean Wilson, Tina Campbell, Major, Wendell James, Amanda Wood, Summer Valentine, B. Slave, Dee Dee Kelly, Alicia Ivory, Leontine Abdullah, Algerita Wynn, Alisa Marie, Pastor Shepherd Crawford and wife Dr. Shalonda, Dorell Anthony, Ashley Michelle, Queensley Felix, Tonya Renee Banks, Emcee Nice, Thai Edwards, Fuzzy West Priority Records, and more came out to the Screening.

Photos by, Rickey Brown

Joi Starr
Shanice Anderson and daughter

Tina Campbell
Erica Campbell
Warryn and Erica Campbell, and family

Dorian Wilson

B Slade

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