B.L.O.O.M ( Be Lifted Out Of Mess) Luncheon

Congratulations to Jeanine Blake on her 2nd Annual B.L.O.O.M Luncheon, which took place today 8-4-2018. The event took place in the Crystal Room at West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Pastor.

Jeanine Blake started this event a year ago. It was a sold out event, hundreds attended, including Bishop Charles E. Blake and wife, Mae L. Blake, Eld. Lawrence C. Blake, Asst. Pastor Charles E. Blake 11, and wife DeAndra Blake, Dr. Ladoris McClainey, Angela Bassett, and many more came out to support this excellent event.

The speakers were, Jeanine Blake, Supv. Barbra Bryant, and Romel Witherspoon.

People went away inspired, motivated, and felt lifted out of their mess.

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