Stare Fashion Grand Opening 11-23-18

Alicia fashion extraordinaire had her Grand opening at the Ladera Center in Los Angeles, Cali 11-23-19. She had new fashions on display from leisure to formal wear, all @ an affordable price and quality fabric.
     Her mother came out as well, she was looking like she stepped off of the cover of Vogue Magazine. It’s no surprise why Alicia choose fashion, the apple don’t fall far from the tree😀

Many friends and clients came out to peruse the latest fashions.

This store will give the Ladera Center what it didn’t have quality cloths at an irresistible price.

Hats, Jewerly boots and really nice denim outfits, which sold out within hours.

If you are planning to shop there,  I suggest you get there before noon, to avoid missing out on the prized inventory.

please Google Stare Fashion for store hours.

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