Presiding Bishop and Pastor Charles E. Blake Sr. 80th Birthday Tribute in Photos

It is with great pleasure that I share in this tribute some of the photos I’ve taken over the last three decades. Some photos were taken in Africa.

Bishop and Lady Mae Blake helped my photography business to become a Worldwide Ministry.

May God continue to bless you and Lady Mae with long life and good health in Jesus Name Amen!

All photos are copyrighted by Rickey Brown except Photos of Bishop Blake’s Portrait photo by The late Dr. Billy Ingram. And the photo of Bishop Blake, Mae L. Blake, Magic and Cookie Johnson holding the check, photo Courtesy by Shagun. And lastly the photo of Bishop and Professional Boxer Marty Monroe from Instagram Courtesy of Ava Monroe. The music is copyrighted and courtesy by Norman and Karen Hutchins. No photos or music shall be reproduced, digitally transferred, photoshopped duplicated in any form, or fashion, without the express permission from the owners.




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