Heroes and Legends Final Awards show 9-25-22

The Heroes and Legends 30th Final Awards took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

It was created by Award Winning Songwriter Janie Bradford of Motown over 30 years ago.

Berry Gordy was a regular supporter of the event.

Many of the Motown family always attended the event. This year in attendance to name a few, not all, were Doug E. fresh, Janel Snowden, Freda Payne, Thelma Houston, Sherry Gordy and Husband, Judge Craig Strong, The Supremes, Claudette Robinson, The Honeycomb Angels, Davi Davenport, Rickey Brown, Richard Daryl Nichols, Aleksei Archer actor/producer, and many more came out to the final event.

Janie Bradford was quoted as saying, “With so many passing on, with so few of us left, it’s
gotten harder to pull it together each year to keep the
excitement going,”

All photos copyrighted by HollywoodBlackEntertainment.com

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