Funk N LA Concert Microsoft Theater LA Live Center

Funk N LA concert was held @ The Microsoft Theater downtown LA.

The auditorium was packed with fans who came out to support their favorite groups. The first group was The Mary Jane Girls. “They still sound the same”, said one fan name Tommy Red P.. Their first song was Candy Girl. Then they sung Mary Jane, the crouse stood to their feet and quickly started videoing and taking pictures with their cell phones. The Dazz Band came on the stage in black pants, white t-shirts, black hats, Black sunglasses, and red jackets. The fans rose to their feet when they sung, Let It Whip. Cell phones were out, and people started dancing.

Lakeside was the 3rd group, their first song was Raid. And they sung, Fantastic Voyage. They had Pirates hats on, as they took the crowd on a fantastic voyage, and a All the Way Live crowd was singing to the music. The BarKays sung, Freak show and their other hits. Cherelle, came out with all Red on and Sung Call Me. And other songs from her hits.

Cameo’s hit songs were, “She’s Strange” and Word Up. Zapp asked the crowd, Do you Want To Go, and gave the people their money worth. Morris Day Sang,What Time Is It, and other hit songs. The SOS Band was the last performers. They sung, Baby Take Your Time Abd Do It Right. The fans arose to their feet and began recording and dancing to the music.

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